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A tightly connected globe is being shaped as cross-cultural exchanges have remarkably
deepened in our age. New ideas are bringing about new inspirations, and creating more
options of education. With a globally-shared commitment to our future generations,
educators that can keep on embracing changes and new practices will best address the
economic and cultural challenges in our times.

In the context of this global awareness and cultural exchange AdminService is offering
three areas of service:

  • International Student Recruitment
  • Translation services for teaching materials and informational materials
  • Simultaneous translation service for video conferences
  • Faculty exchanges or mentoring arrangements between the US and China

International Student Recruitment

From kindergartens to colleges, international students, especially those from China,
have proliferated over the past few years. As an influx of Chinese students brings about
new opportunities to each of our schools to attain a new level of development, such as
sustainable growth, financial viability, cultural enrichment and academic diversity, how
should your school capitalize upon the existing resources to grow? Specifically, your
school needs to address a few key questions:

  • How should your school reach out a diversified student body?
  • How should you attract and nurture the right mix of international students?
  • How should you design the scope of services to meet the specific needs of
    international students and families, along with international schools?
  • How should your school optimize the process for increased enrollment of
    international students?

AdminService has been addressing these issues with a forward-looking approach.
Since 2011, we have formed a strategic partnership with a leading advocate of the
Chinese Waldorf community in Beijing, and have been publishing the Chinese edition of
LILIPOH magazine that reaches several thousands of pro-Waldorf parents and schools
in China. In 2013, we started to enhance our China presence and have put in place a
dedicated China team in order to better meet the needs of our school clients, as well
as parents and students from overseas. We are able to work from various locations
in the US and in China, providing efficient and seamless services to help your school
develop and manage an International Student Program that will best match your specific
capacities and requirements.

It would be ideal for each of our school clients to have a dedicated international
coordinator, and a set of predefined screening criteria for evaluating the aptitudes of
prospective students and their preparedness in the US. Schools also need an efficient
process during and after the enrollment, and orchestrate effective marketing messages
that can differentiate themselves and reach the most suitable international students.
Schools sometimes need to explore opportunities of creating and evaluating special
programs related to international students/parents, such as summer camps and
intensive programs, exchange programs, and in-service programs. Given the current
scarcity of human and financial resources, most independent schools are faced with
constraints in handling day-to-day requirements of international students, let alone
cultivating a sustainable program that can create a long-lasting impression of being one
of the most preferred destinations for international students.

What We Do

Based on our expertise and our experience of helping a wide array of US independent
schools, we are focusing on adding three sets of services to our school clients in our
International Student Program:

  • AdminService will work with your school to recruit Chinese students for your
    existing regular programs, focusing on the middle to high school programs
    with the boarding option. AdminService will effectively act as your Office for
    International Students to screen and recruit the most suitable students for you
  • AdminService will help your school conceptualize, initiate and implement joint
    programs or partnership arrangements with qualified Chinese schools and other institutions
  • AdminService will work with your schools and our partners to develop and
    offer short-term programs for selected groups of students or institutions. Such
    group programs may include summer camps, preparatory programs, English
    language immersion programs, cultural exploration and experience programs,
    and exchange programs that will make full use of your resources and assets.

Chinese students represent immediate opportunities for US schools to achieve financial
viability, sustainable growth and fresh cultural inspirations. With a total number of
about 240,000 students in 2012/13, China has already become the largest source
of international students in US universities. In addition, about 50,000 new Chinese
students will enroll in US middle schools and high schools in 2014/15, expanding from
less than 100 from a few years ago.

The growing Chinese families of the upper and middle-class are making exceptional
commitments to their children, and education is the most important decision for these
families. Through immigration or by sending their children abroad, they desire to gain
access to a better education system and world-class universities in the US, bypassing
the rigid Chinese education system mandated by the state and completely biased on
test results.

US schools are attractive to Chinese parents, especially those who seek to unleash the
individuality of their children in creative ways, and hope to receive warm and peaceful
orientation for their children before the students can make informed decisions and find
their own path.

In fact, a local Waldorf movement is burgeoning in China, as over a hundred Waldorf
schools and kindergartens have been created during the past three years, mostly by
parents. From Chinese Waldorf community advocates and visiting international lecturers
of intensive teacher training programs, some parents have gained awareness of
Waldorf education, and are eager to enroll their children to established Waldorf schools
in the US.

Translation services

Mia Yang is available for translation of materials and simultaneous translations during
videos conferences which can be set up through our office.